The Myth of How to ‘Fix’ Poverty

The Myth of How to ‘Fix’ Poverty

Most development strategies today are based on or towards ‘the good life’ or the lifestyle modeled by affluent Western societies. According to the ‘catching-up development path’, poor countries all over the world could easily attain ‘the good life’ by “following the same path of industrialization and capital accumulation taken by Europe and the USA and Japan.” Basically they mean that they’re just behind and they need to catch up. However, history has proven that the catching up development path has never attained its desired goal. This is due to many things, but the most obvious is that underdeveloped countries have been at a disadvantage ever since colonialism.

Underdeveloped nations did not become impoverished by chance or by natural circumstances: a structured colonial system drained these countries of resources and independence which disadvantaged them almost indefinitely. They were made dependent on their metropoles and in turn lost their own social and cultural identities.

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Self Luv

Self Luv


I made and tied this anklet onto me the night before I left for India. Almost 10 months later and it’s still goin strong.

It’s full of the water from 3 different oceans, Indian dirt, Hawaiian sand, probably some things I’d rather not know about, and a whole lotta love. It’s climbed mountains with me, been covered in mud with me, been to the bottom of the sea with me, been drenched in yoga sweat with me.

I was thinking it was so cool that something has stuck by my side for so long and been on so many different adventures. And then I realized that the same could be said for my body. What an amazing thing to inhabit bodies like we do.

So far my body has accompanied me to 6 countries, countless states and cities, and through every hardship I’ve ever faced. Such a lesson in self love. I’ve never loved myself the way that I’m learning to now. Your body is incredible. Just think of all that it’s done for you. All that it will do for you and the places it’s going to take you. Practice some self love.


Goodbye India

Goodbye India

A year ago I was getting ready to graduate and had just started planning for India. I was ready to get the hell out of what I thought was a town much too small for me. I wasn’t afraid of India at all. I was ready.

But things went a little bit unplanned. India was hard for me. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t expect to be this kind of hard.

It wasn’t just homesickness. It was restlessness. And it wasn’t simple restlessness either. Yes, it was hard for me to in one place for so long when I wanted to be exploring more, but this time, I was in one place where everyday I was consistently facing a world that I’ve always underestimated. I knew India was a ‘third world country’.I’ve read about it and talked about it and criticized it but until I landed in India, I didn’t really know it.

I didn’t know what it felt like to be a rich white woman in a poverty stricken country. It’s uncomfortable to recognize all of the privilege you have. It’s uncomfortable to have your ‘I’m going to save the world’ mentality challenged. It’s uncomfortable to feel like a silly little white girl who is in way over her head.

It’s uncomfortable to sit in a rickshaw everyday with your headphones in, staring straight ahead, ignoring the little girl asking for money and food because you were told not to acknowledge “them”.

I did it all wrong in India.

I saw a handicapped and ill man begging on the sidewalk across from a McDonalds and then later that night I went drinking with my friends. I saw a shirtless and fatally skinny man scuffling from person to person begging, and continued on my way to Forever21.

I had imagined myself living with a big family in a low income neighborhood, but instead I lived in a spacious flat in the nice part of the city with marble floors, my own bathroom and three home cooked meals a day.

I was so conflicted and angry with myself and my situation, but I continued my patterns.

I didn’t feel like myself. I felt fake in so many ways. My stress radiated and I had trouble making connections with people because well I just wasn’t.. nice.

My hair started falling out. In clumps.

I’d shower and finish with a sizable chunk of hair in my hands. I didn’t know what it was from. Stress? My diet?

“But why are you so stressed?”

I’ve realized it wasn’t all personal stress. It wasn’t me worrying about college or my weight or my job. It was global stress, collective stress, it was me being distressed over the state of the world in general. It was me feeling guilty and overwhelmed and disappointed in myself.

I grew so much in the 6 months India and I lived together. I faced myself in ways that I never imagined. I questioned so much and I wrote so much and I dreamed so much and I cried so much and I smiled so much and I lived so much.

India was hard for me. I loved India in all of it’s wonder but the depth that I truly got to know India was just… something that I’ve never experienced before.

Many loves come in and out of our lives, but most never really know us. We may put on a mask with them or we may not even miss them when they leave because they never truly held a part of our soul. But India was a love that came crashing into my life with such force and passion that all of my masks were crushed by truth.

How do you ever say goodbye to a love like that? In your arms my soul found chaos, passion, inspiration, pain, and even some some sort of peace. Just know that I will never forget you, India, my love.

See you soon, little bird



I have been so happy lately. So happy. I can’t explain it. It feels so good to be embracing life like this and I just wish that everyone could feel this way. I have changed a lot of things in my life in the past few months and I think that all the little things really do add up to making everyday that much better! I know a lot of these ‘tips’ might seem obvious because we’ve all heard a lot of them before but I think we forget about them or we just think they aren’t important. These are things that work in my life, maybe you aren’t able to do some or they aren’t effective, but basically the point is that you need to take time in your life for you. Happiness isn’t an emotion, it’s a state of being.

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Vegan Asian Noodle Soup

Vegan Asian Noodle Soup

The best and easiest asian noodle soup everrrr. So healthy and simple!


First chop up some garlic, ginger, and onion.


Sautee in coconut oil and then add some organic vegetable broth.

Next, soak a package of cellophane bean thread noodles in warm water for about 10 minutes until softened (package pictured in first picture).


Once softened add to the broth mixture and cook together for about 5 minutes (make sure it doesn’t get too mushy!!)

Pour in some soy sauce, and whatever else you may want! Green onions or chives and jalapeños work really well, or pretty much any vegetable you may have. Cilantro, basil, cabbage, sprouts, etc.


Top with lime slices and sriracha and devour!


When You’re Lonely, Life is Very Long

When You’re Lonely, Life is Very Long


This is a podcast I listened to about 3 and a half months ago, a while into my year in India and when I was feeling the full affects of post break up syndrome, homesickness, and I guess some sort of teenage angst..

The best part about this podcast was this realization that I heard while listening.. they mentioned not only about what loneliness does to a person, but also what loneliness can do for a person. Loneliness is a gift.

Listen to it here.