All Good Things Must Come to an End

All Good Things Must Come to an End

So I’m sure you’re wondering how the heck this story got switched around. My boss? Really?

What about Sam?! My dream guy?!?

It’s funny because I remember my best friend telling me a couple of years ago that despite what I may’ve believed I wanted in a boyfriend, she thought that a hippie guy wouldn’t actually be right for me. Anddd.. she was right.

Sam and I had some great adventures. We connected so quickly and I admired so many things about him as a person. Not only that, I loved him for what he did for me – he freed me from my stifling life and brought happiness into my world again. He inspired me. Being with him made me love myself in more ways than I had before. In fact, he treated me better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had.

Me ‘learning’ to play his accordion

But sometimes, all of that doesn’t matter. Sometimes, even if it’s hard to swallow, you begin to realize that sadly you just aren’t right for someone. At least not in a romantic sense.

And as tacky as the cliche may sound – the truth in it rings so clear; It’s not you, it’s me.

That’s something I’ve really started believing in – that breakups, as bad as they are – are often the only truly fair decision. And they shouldn’t have such a negative stigma around them. I’d argue that a-lot of us are unhealthily attached to certain ideals in modern relationships. It’s all about possession and our own wounded egos when things get sticky. And that’s proven with how we react to breakups. It seems like they’re always so filled with stories of betrayals and evil people, right? We are so stuck to the idea that “this person fucked me over!!!” “How could they do this to me?!” that we don’t stop to consider the fact that maybe we both already knew we aren’t right for each other. That this is the best decision for the well being of both partners. And maybe, we were holding onto something that just wasn’t there, as badly as we wanted it to be. Love and compatibility are not always the same thing.

Have you ever thought about the idea that if you’re in a relationship with someone who you know is not right for you, you might miss out on the one who is? And so will your current partner? Why keep them from true happiness & love when you know you just aren’t cutting it for them? In a perfect world, all breakups would be simple and rational. We would accept that paths diverge from each other and that’s part of life. But heartbreak isn’t easy. It’s not simple or rational. We all know that.

something I wrote in my journal during this experience

So after a whirlwind month and a half, Sam and I parted ways. It wasn’t that straightforward, but that’s what happened. He was on to bigger & better things, and I was on to…. different.

One thing he said stuck with me – that I had changed, like a chameleon. I was ‘changing’ to fit my new environment. But what he and most people don’t understand, is that just because someone isn’t who you thought they were, doesn’t mean they aren’t being themselves.

Things had switched up real quick for me. I left Arizona in August as a broke bitch, expecting to work on a hippie farm in Humboldt for a couple of weeks, singing kumbaya with my brothers and sisters of the earth, and maybe ending up saving a couple grand. And I was totally ready for that. Instead, I had ended up in the Pines with some random guys from Texas, driving a big ass truck, getting paid fat $$, and living a life that didn’t exactly fit my M.O. of free spirit little bird

But honestly,

I have to admit… damn it felt good to be a gangster. And this was only the beginning.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie

Three weeks since graduation, and I could not be happier to be done with high school! I am so ready to start adventuring.

10 days ago I changed my flight to come to Hawaii early. Originally I was supposed to come with family on the 21st of June, but I had some money saved so I thought why not? I kind of needed to get away and I REALLY wanted to be able to go to Maui while I was over in the islands.

SO I WENT. Continue reading “Maui Wowie”

Around the World in 3 Days in Portland

Around the World in 3 Days in Portland

Vietnamese Pho, Chinese gardens, Scandinavian brunch, French dinner, and a Moroccan feast; 3 days in one of my favorite cities.

Portland has always held a special place in my heart. I loved the days we went into the city to have brunch or see a play or shop. Being an Oregon native has truly made me appreciate one of the most beautiful states that the United States has to offer. Although I live in Nevada now, I can see myself living in Oregon long term in the future. If you haven’t been there, GO!

This weekend I was able to spend a long weekend in Oregon visiting my grandparents. One thing I miss most about Portland (and the surrounding areas) is the diversity of cuisines; you can literally taste the entire world in Portland. In three days, I sampled more than five different cultures. Next time you’re in town, try some of these places! All are highly recommended & all were extremely vegetarian friendly. 🙂


My first night in town, we had dinner at a great Vietnamese Pho restaurant in Beaverton, Oregon. It was fantastic, and very easy to accommodate my vegetarian diet! Pho is pretty popular, so there are great restaurants all around. Try it in your area if you never have! I didn’t catch the name of this particular restaurant or get any pictures, but still – worth mentioning.

Enter the Wonderland – China


The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland is probably my favorite place in the world so far. I love it. This was my second visit, and it is just absolutely gorgeous and so… ZEN.


I would highly recommend taking a guided tour if available, you will learn SO MUCH about China and the gardens themselves. After that, definitely wander around and take it all in. The architecture and plants are just exquisite.


One of the best parts about the Chinese gardens is their lovely teahouse. There’s an extensive list of authentic teas imported from all over China. You can also order a light meal such as noodles, or steamed buns (GET THESE! YUM!). There are also some yummy little Chinese snacks and desserts like moon cakes and lychee fruits.



Well, I am just absolutely obsessed with Scandinavia. Ever since my exchange experience in Finland last summer, I can’t get over the region. And, I MISS THE FOOD. So what do I do when I go to Portland? Find and go to the only Scandinavian restaurant in town of course.

Broder is rated one of the top 38 restaurants in Portland by  Pdx Eater (#11). Now 38 may not sound like an impressive number, but when you consider the number of restaurants in Portland (Around 2000), that’s pretty good.

After the Chinese gardens, we had brunch at this cute little Scandinavian cafe, and it was fantastic. Their brunch menu featured things like round danish Abelskeiver pancakes with lemon curd and lingonberry jam, Finnish porridge, swedish hash, savory egg scrambles, delicious baked goods.


There were plenty of non-vegetarian options as well that sounded delicious, but I can’t vouch for that! My guess is they were just as impressive.

I also got to talk to one of the employees for a little bit about my travels in Finland! He told me he has family there and has always wanted to visit. I told him he MUST go (….I feel like I tell everyone this…but really.. you should go..) and he said he is definitely going to! It was super nice to be able to bond with someone over a love of Finland. 🙂

If you want a little taste of Scandinavia, go to Cafe Broder.

La Provence – France 

For dinner, we went to the cutest French restaurant. Now this wasn’t in Portland, but it wasn’t too far away. All of the entrees were small portions and all of them were about $6. I had the wild mushroom crepes and they were fantastic! Unfortunately I didn’t catch any pictures of my dinner. 1. I haven’t mastered the art of taking pictures in dim lighting and 2. It was really hard to make mushroom crepes with brown sauce look appetizing.. BUT they were!

The restaurant itself was really cute, there were macaroons, an eiffel tower, a bakery, the whole shebang. 🙂 I felt like a true Parisian.

Moroccan Dreams

If you want to feel like you’re transported to a completely different place, and maybe even a different time, go to Marrakesh moroccan restaurant in Portland.


This used to be one of my favorite restaurants when I was little, but I haven’t been since I was about 8 or 9.

Marrakesh is the ultimate Moroccan experience. Dim lighting, beautiful lanterns, magic carpets, luxury, and BELLY DANCERS!


Not to mention you get to sit on cute little pillow seats and eat with your hands. (Forks are available, but c’mon, be authentic!).

If you go, order the Moroccan feast. You’ll get a colorful and flavorful five course feast, complete with moroccan mint tea.

We also had time for a really nice walk/hike in Washington Park. 🙂

IMG_2760 IMG_2763

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend! I always love visiting my grandparents and my home state. It has so much to offer, and you can do so many things in just a weekend! I can’t wait to come back in April for my birthday 🙂

Hope you enjoyed a little peace of the road from my weekend trip to Oregon ☮

Little Bird