I am a big believer that this system we live in today is not the way, it is not the only way. People should not be so trapped in their jobs that they have to almost always sacrifice their own happiness just to survive. We should not be limited to a week of vacation a year. As I’m working my first few minimum wage jobs and growing old enough to start paying for my own things, I’m realizing just how impossible it is for most people to go upwards and save money. And you know why? Because we are wage slaves.

I’m 19. I live with my parents and I don’t pay rent and I usually don’t pay for food either. I can not imagine having to pay for rent, utilities, food, a car payment, a phone bill, gas, etc. on the money I make.  Even if I was able to, there would be no way I could save money to do anything I wanted to do, take trips, buy anything extra, or save to retire. I would not have the extra money or time to go to school to get a better paying job. If I somehow figured out how to, I would most likely just dig myself into debt. Wage slaves. We might not be in literal chains, but that doesn’t mean we are free.

I couldn’t have explained it any better than this guy right here, Koi Fresco (please universe, someone let me become friends with this guy). He mentions that he’s always had a support system of family that he could fall back on or that would help him if needed, and I’m in the same boat. My family has helped out in so many ways and so many different times. But some people don’t have that luxury. It’s easy to criticize someone when you’ve never really been in their situation.

I really love and agree with what Koi says about how we spend our down time. For everyone working a 9-5, you don’t need to think of your time off as your lazy time. You should think of that as your personal growth time, your dream development time, not (always) your netflix’n’chill time. Don’t go to work for 8 hours and then come home and do nothing. You’re not tired, you’re  un-inspired. You can either pursue your dreams or go work for someone else who is pursuing theirs!

Watch some of his other videos if you like this one and follow him on twitter @koifresco 🙂

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