Meera nam Ivy hai (My Name is Ivy)

One thing I think about a lot is the idea of past lives, reincarnation, and remembering. I once read a book that talked about the concept that we all have past lives but we simply can’t remember them. But, a rare person in a generation will be born who remembers all of their past lives. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with the concept.

Last night I was talking with my family about past lives. We talked about the concept that what you are drawn to in this life might be a sense of remembrance about one of your past lives. For example, my stepmom, she loves watching crime shows and following the stories of murder victims – that could mean she or a close family member was murdered in a past life and so now she has a fixation on it.

Sometimes people say, “Oh I think I was meant to be born in the 50s” or “I was meant to live in the 70s”; but I wonder, maybe that thought isn’t just a desire, it’s an indication that you already did live in that time. You are remembering it and longing for it.

From the second our plane descended into Mumbai, I had this weird sense of coming home. Instead of culture shock, I think my experience was a little more like deja vú. This is what I wrote in my journal the night we arrived in India.

“Right now, in this country, this place that should be so foreign to me, I feel more at home and connected than I’ve ever been. It’s hard to explain. As we were flying into Mumbai and saw the city lights and felt the humid air I was so incredibly at peace. You know that feeling when you’re coming home after a vacation and you just have that sigh of relief when your plane lands in your hometown? That’s how I felt landing in India. As we’re beginning to learn Hindi, it feels so natural to me, like it’s a language I’ve spoken before but have forgotten. As I read more and more books about Hinduism, Indian values and beliefs, Dharma, etc – I see all of these connections to beliefs I already held, or even ones that I’ve been trying to articulate and haven’t quite found for the words for yet. What I am reading and learning makes so much sense to me, that I know that it is my undoubted truth. I feel it in my heart. I think I was Indian in a past life.”

“My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that, & I intend to end up there.” – Rumi

Sometimes I think that maybe I am so drawn to certain places because I have some connection to them that is so far unknown to me. Finland was a place I did not expect to have any sort of connection to, but I fell so deeply in love with the country. India, I knew. I knew the love I had and would develop for India since I was younger.

Maybe this is why I am so restless.

My soul longs to be where it has been, it’s being called to it’s old homes and places in time.

I believe the things and places that you are drawn to in this life are no coincidence. They are a part of you, whether they’re a part of your past, or you’re being led to them on your path to the future. Listen and learn.

Finding peace on the road,

Little Bird

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