Self Luv


I made and tied this anklet onto me the night before I left for India. Almost 10 months later and it’s still goin strong.

It’s full of the water from 3 different oceans, Indian dirt, Hawaiian sand, probably some things I’d rather not know about, and a whole lotta love. It’s climbed mountains with me, been covered in mud with me, been to the bottom of the sea with me, been drenched in yoga sweat with me.

I was thinking it was so cool that something has stuck by my side for so long and been on so many different adventures. And then I realized that the same could be said for my body. What an amazing thing to inhabit bodies like we do.

So far my body has accompanied me to 6 countries, countless states and cities, and through every hardship I’ve ever faced. Such a lesson in self love. I’ve never loved myself the way that I’m learning to now. Your body is incredible. Just think of all that it’s done for you. All that it will do for you and the places it’s going to take you. Practice some self love.


1 thought on “Self Luv

  1. Luv it, luv u, luv the peace of the road and piece of life u always share, thank u for u!!

    Love always, Daddy


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