“So many gods but no love for the people…… So many prayers yeah, but where’s the prayer for peace?”

Trevor Hall making me feel all flower power-y and peace loving every time I listen to him.. but also, so relevant.

It seems like everyday there’s a new tragedy being reported in the news. There’s always something brought up in daily conversation.

Did you hear what happened yesterday?

I find myself saying “which one? The one in _____ or the one in ________?”

It’s so casual. It’s small talk now.

I have no clever political standpoint or anything to say about democrats or republicans or ISIS or gun control. I have no hashtags or points to prove.

All I want to put out there is a true prayer for peace. My prayer isn’t to anything in particular, just to the world. I pray that humanity gains its sense of humanity again. I pray that we lose our overall sense of desensitized complacency and that we learn to love again.

Put your energy into something useful today. Listen to this song. Don’t watch the news for a bit. Don’t hate. The world’s got enough of that right now.

So, love.

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