I got robbed but it’s okay it’s Karma

Last weekend I got my iPhone and about $150 dollars stolen.

It’s funny because I’ve been so calm about it.

When I realized that it was gone, I was so blank. I just said “I think I got my money stolen.” On the way to the police station I noticed that my phone was gone too.

I honestly think it was karma, a lesson from the universe, whatever you wanna call it – but let me explain

For the past few weeks I’ve been pretty concerned with how I’m spending my time in India.. When I’m home, I feel like I’m on my phone constantly, talking to friends and family. When I’m home with wifi and my phone, I’m back in America. I told myself “OK, one hour of phone time a day. Live in the moment. Look up. Be present.” But here I was, still spending hours and hours a day staring down at a screen. I think it was a sort of coping mechanism for me. Maybe I needed it at first, but it was beginning to get a little out of control and I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

My spending habits haven’t been very honorable lately either.. too much indulging and not even on meaningful things and experiences. I was already planning to use a majority of this months $150 to spend on clothes…

My things were stolen out of a bus that I thought they would be safe on (Please don’t comment on this.. I know.. never again). I think another thing I learned from this was that I need to listen to my intuition a lot more. A couple days before my phone was stolen I thought “hey I should put an Indian sim card in my phone.” I ended up not doing it because I was lazy.. later I found out that I wouldn’t be able to use Find My iPhone because there was no indian sim in my phone. Before leaving for the weekend trip I was on, I thought I should leave my phone at home, but ended up bringing it anyways. Finally, I had taken my bag off the bus at first. But everyone else was leaving their bags, so I put mine back.

And that’s why I think that I got robbed, because I needed to be taught a lesson. This is a good thing. I’ve already been spending so much more time living my life rather than watching other peoples on social media. I’ve had to start going out without using the Uber Driver App, which means I actually have to talk to rickshaw drivers (or I at least have to attempt). I am savoring every last rupee I have for this month – and having more adventures because of that. Sometimes the universe just needs to give you a push into the right direction (maybe a bit forcefully)

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