Oh the Places We Will Go

As graduation creeps closer and many of us (including me) are almost legal adults, it starts to hit you. All of the decisions, the responsibilities that are coming, and the fear. We’re going to lose people. Friendships are going to end, and friendships have ended along the way.  We’re going to say and we’ve said ‘keep in touch’ a thousand times; I think that “let’s keep in touch” is probably my least favorite phrase in the world. There’s something so sad about it. I’ve heard it & said it so many times in my life and it almost never actually happens. I thought that I was good at letting things go, but it’s hard to accept goodbyes.

Two constant friends I’ve kept since 6th grade are my dear Allie and lovely Brie. Two of the most amazing and inspiring and motivated people I’ve met! In the six years we’ve known each other, we’ve dealt with so much: divorces, cancer, family problems, separation from each other, the pressure of college and schools, boys (of course..). This post is dedicated to us overcoming what has been thrown at us, and what has yet to be.

My new years resolution for 2014 was to live in the moment more. To stop planning and worrying and labeling and ruining what’s good now because of worry about the future. I’ve done pretty well. But lately, it’s a struggle. The uncertainty scares me. I feel like I need security and validation and all those other seemingly comforting things. But that is not how life is.


We can not let our fears define us or limit us. And we don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. We just have to move forward. Change is good, even if it hurts. Some people are temporary, and some are meant to stick around. It’s the same for places, for dreams, for careers, for everything.

Oh, the places we will go; the things we will achieve. The people we’ll meet, and the things that we’ll experience! That is what is ahead of us. In the four years of high school that Allie and Brie and I have shared, so much has happened. I was the first to move away, now Allie has left as well. But even with our separate personal and family struggles, we’ve accomplished so much in high school. We’ve traveled, won DECA and swim competitions, blogged, photographed, explored, pursued our passions, and now we’re off to college. There are less than 80 days until we graduate. It’s mind boggling to think of how many more years we have to look forward to. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for the three of us, and for the rest of the amazing people that I am fortunate to know. No matter if you’re graduating high school, college, or just living your life: there is so much more for you to explore. Don’t focus too much on the small stuff and let it make wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.

\Allie, Ivy, Brie (10 of 28)Allie, Ivy, Brie (23 of 28)

Allie, Ivy, Brie (22 of 28)Allie, Ivy, Brie (24 of 28)

One of my good friends recently (unknowingly) reminded me of what 2014’s lesson was to me. “Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow’s uncertain, so let’s live in the moment and just go with the flow! Take each day as it comes to you.” 

Keep going with the flow. It takes trust. Trust in whoever is in your life, trust in the universe. But, the world has its plans for you. If something is meant to happen, it will happen. If someone is meant to be in your life, they will be. If not, endure the pain & move forward. Go with the flow of life, and go with courage. The unknown is full of possibilities.

One day you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is  your life. So I guess you just have to grab the moments you can, throttle and squeeze every last juicy drop of life out of each moment, and swallow them whole. Maximum enjoyment requires every sense you possess, but we are all capable of doing it, of living life to the fullest. 

I truly believe in the good things coming.

You have to believe in the good things coming.

My class ring with my favorite lyric/phrase.

It’s all a part of our own peace of the road. ☮

Little Bird

If you’re interested in catching up on what these two ladies are up to, here’s a link to each of their blogs! Check them out 🙂

Brie’s Blog & Allie’s Blog

1 thought on “Oh the Places We Will Go

  1. Hi, I hope you are enjoying your adventure. Keep me updated. Love Kim’s mom.


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