Dear World – Finland week 1


I’ve been meaning to write you for a while. Time is going by so fast.. Life is not slowing down, and I’ve realized I like it this way. Cause who needs sleep?? It’s currently 12:30 pm, it’s still completely light outside, and I’m listening to Matisyahu, so I clearly don’t.

In case you’re just dropping in, hi. I’m Ivy. I’m 17. A few months ago I applied for a scholarship to live in Finland on exchange for six weeks, and amazingly I got it! One of 12 American students. (!!!!!!)

After a few jam packed days of orientation in Washington, D.C., the twelve of us hopped on a plane and left for Scandinavia .



Another side note, these kids I’m with are amazing. The kind of kids who get perfect scores on their SATS and win intense debate competitions and speak Chinese and German and start investing in stocks when they’re 10.. (Still not sure how I got this scholarship???) Within a week we’ve all become a family. That’s the beautiful thing about exchange students. We are so different, but so similar. We are each other’s ‘people’. We are together, apart from our comfort zone, in something so amazing.

Less than 8 hours ago, I was in Helsinki. That’s where we have all spent our first 7 days abroad… Basically my happy place. There’s bike highways, and forests EVERYWHERE. Even the weeds are pretty. There’s bread at every meal. People mean what they say and say what they mean. It’s clean. There’s literally reindeer walking in the city. Does it get much better? I think not.



Not to mention our trips to the US embassy, the ministry of Finnish education + of foreign affairs, the Finnish parliament, the fazer chocolate factory, and the city of Porvoo. Talk about grateful..

And to top it all off, I just met my host family and am settled into their amazing house for the next five weeks. I just took my first sauna and swam in our river and picked flowers in the forest. I honestly might cry with happiness. Let’s just say that I’m not missing America yet… Hahaha, More info to come about Helsinki, where I’m living, my new family and other randomness soon ❤️

hyvää yötä little birds, xo

5 thoughts on “Dear World – Finland week 1

  1. So happy for you. Told you so….there are a lot of happy places and amazing people that are interested in the same things. Learn from them. Love Kim


  2. Katarina Vondruska June 16, 2014 — 8:00 pm

    Hi, Ivy! It’s Kat!:) I’m so glad you’re having such a wonderful time in Finland! Isn’t it just beautiful in Scandinavia? I’m in Norway and I’m absolutely in LOVE with the nature, city and just the experience of the difference in culture! I’m happy for you and hope the rest of your trip is perfect!
    P.S. You’re gorgeous:)


    1. AW HI KAT! It really is perfectly beautiful in Scandanavia:) Its funny how we’re both here and close together! I’m happy for you too lovely. Your comment made my day:) P.S. You’re beautiful!!


      1. Katarina Vondruska June 28, 2014 — 12:03 am

        Thank you!:) and yeah but if only we were closer so we could meet up and go on a hike or something!:) btw, I’m really loving your blog! Keep it up girl!


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