Paris, do I love you?

Who doesn’t love Paris, right?!
Wrong. Apparently more than a few people disagree with Paris’ popularity. Including my mother.
Is Paris really overrated? I hope not. I hope it’s as wonderful as I’ve always imagined it to be. I hope it’s the city of lights and love, and that it embodies the class of Coco Chanel. I hope the pastries are perfect and the cuisine is exquisite. I hope it doesn’t smell horrible, not every Parisian is rude, and I don’t become a pick-pocket victim.

Maybe the problem is that too many people love Paris. Maybe it’s lost a fraction of it’s magic now that almost everyone has discovered it.
Maybe the bad reviews are like reverse psychology, thought up by the selfishness of others, wanting to keep Paris all to themselves.

Well, I’ve not yet lost faith.
Paris, hopefully I’ll love you.

2 thoughts on “Paris, do I love you?

  1. You will. Just don’t try to do and see too much. Take time to sit in cafes or along the Seine, and definitely take a long walk one night. Paris is so beautiful at night.

    Indulge in yummy pastries, eat in local restos, avoid restaurants where the menus are available in many different languages. Be daring. Don’t take the rudeness personally. The French can be very rude (even to each other), but there are also plenty of nice and helpful French people. Always say bonjour and merci and au revoir, but most of all relax and enjoy your time. Create happy memories.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this to me. I really appreciate hearing the real story on Paris and getting advice 🙂


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