Wanting to Wander

So I think I have a problem. I’m 16 with the dreams of a 22 year old, and I can’t wait those mere 63 months to pursue them. There’s nothing I want more than to get lost on a different continent, explore the ancient past and my future.

I wake up every morning and spend hours everyday dreaming of destinations and planning itineraries for unlikely trips. It’s something thats always picking my brain and straining my bank account. I deprive myself of simple luxuries at home, for the sake of putting that small currency towards my travel funds.

and then I think

Is travel really worth it? Is it really what I want? What’s so great about the rest of the world? People who live in Italy, or New York, want to get away from their homes as much as I do from my small town. Who’s to say that a treehouse in Thailand will feel any different than a plain house in Carson City? Are my dreams of the globe better than the reality of my desires?
I have so many things to do and so much to think about. I want to learn 27 languages and visit hundreds of countries. According to the rest of my species, I MUST go to college. I MUST be successful and I must be happy with ignoring what I really want to do until I’m at the ripe of 65, and retired.

HOW does this make sense? Why do people deal with this and blindly accept societies norms? Why aren’t people doing what they want to do?

People have an average of 28,325 days on Earth. The first 15 years of life (5475 days) people spend with their parents, growing and learning, attending school, and approaching adulthood. This leaves us with 23,360 days. Now think of how much time a person spends sleeping; one third of their life-span. Now we are left with 41 years. Take into account the time you’ll spend eating & drinking, working, commuting or traveling, watching TV,  doing chores and shopping, caring for friends and family, bathing, going to church and charities. You’re left with 10 years. How much of your free time have you used up already? Have you gone anywhere? Have you done anything? Are you happy? 

All I know is that my ten years will not be wasted. They’ll be spent seeing the world, and happily living out of a suitcase.

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